The XDesign, the world’s most downloaded app for viewing Interactive Print.



Why XD Design ?

  • Engage with your consumers for longer
  • Reach out to your customers everywhere
  • Get more accurate data on your campaigns
  • Leverage cross-marketing advertising
  • Add competitive innovation
  • Creative Interactive Print
  • Increase your company sales
  • 3D Design
  • Panorama
  • List Restaurants
  • Video Camera and Panorama
  • Creative Interactive Printing
  • Web Development ^ Design
  • Social Media

Build a new revenue stream

Use XDESIGN industry-leading technology to offer interactive AR to existing and new clients.

Amplify your campaigns

Add immersive layers of interactive digital content to both physical assets and above-the-line campaigns in just a few clicks.

Increase consumer engagement

Customise user experience with meaningful and relevant features for each target audience.

Creating truly innovative ideas means having expertise in your field, and no one knows XDESIGN better than us. We'll find the perfect solution to fit your needs.From our vast experience, we know XDESIGN requires imaginative solutions and clear calls-to-action. We'll give your audience the best possible experience.


  • It can be challenging to properly combine print, mobile and online content for xdesign.Our experts have you covered – no coding, no hassle, no problem.
  • Careful testing and promotion are critical, often over-looked steps at launch.We have seen thousands of campaigns and we'll make sure yours is good to go.           
  • From our experience, we know that the work doesn't end at launch.We'll work with you to optimize your campaign and to improve going forward.
  • Creating truly innovative ideas means having expertise in your field,and no one knows xdesign better than us.






Together with our partners, we'll work to develop innovative solutions based on your needs that are sure to impress. We've got you covered whether you need full end-to-end service, professional training and consultancy or just a little help on the way from concept to execution.


"We turn your phone into a magic lens giving you a whole new, interactive view on the physical world around you
using Augmented Reality and Image-Recognition technologies.".

With X Design, you can:

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